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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Go to Sleep!

My mom keeps on nagging me on how I should sleep early specially now that sem break's here. But no matter how hard I tried to do that recently, it just seems impossible. Who would have thought that even in my sem break, I would still be busy with stuff to do? I didn't.

The farewell thingie for our HS teacher that we've postponed last month is to be pushed through tomorrow. Man, and it does take up a lot of effort, pain, sweat and tears! If it weren't for the dear angels who are there to help me, I would probably have a hell of a big headache. Thank you so much! I just hope and pray that it turns out well tomorrow. Planning and "people-gathering" is NOT an easy task. grrr.

My brother's contest is tomorrow. And considering the fact that I kinda helped in their play and with the hosts' script too, I think I have a little right or obligation to watch it. Oh, and yeah my brother has a lead role(kinda) so, I'm going to be a supportive sister here okay? (Bago yan!Eew, jowk)

Plus, I have to finish the Koreanovela I borrowed from Jana. I'm just losing my drive to watch it because the poor subtitles are starting to bug me already. Hehe.. Sometimes they make absolutely no sense and the grammar sucks. Plus at times, it disappears way too quickly. But don't get me wrong, the story's good and I adore Janna for lending it to me. And the lead guy is cute so that's a bonus!

I am also in the process of reading Harry Potter book 6. Yeah I know, I'm such a loser for having to read it just now when I think everybody has read it already.(or at least everybody who loves Harry) But I L O V E it nonetheless. And everytime I read it, it's like I'm being transported to a whole new world. Which is such a relief from this one! hehe...

And oh, my mom and dad see to it that I don't miss this one - my chores! Yup. I have a whole lot of them - from sweeping the floor, to cooking rice, to washing dishes even to do a bit of laundry. My golly! These chores make me wonder if schooldays are not so bad after all. haha...

Course card day is on Thursday and I'm trying hard not to think about it so as not to stress myself. But now, only God knows my fate in INTRECO.

Not to forget the up and coming GMG Leadership Training and Teambuidling Seminar (a.k.a LTTS) on Friday which I'm very excited about. This oughta be fun!

I've found my inspiration at last. And I'd like to say that Niko hit the jackpot on this one. You don't look for inspiration. It just calls you, este, comes to you. hehe.. What a holy surprise!

Friday, August 25, 2006
writing a song

I want to(and I have to) compose songs.
The problem that I had before was that I lacked the time to do so, but I guess the major hindrance is that I lacked the inspiration. Earlier today, I sat down and tried to write a song but I kept on getting stuck on the first line. Then while thinking on what I want to write next, I suddenly realize the crappiness in it so I erase the first line anyway. And so that process went on for a few more times until I finally gave up and decided to write again some other time.
Give me something on which I should write a song about?
Should I write about my crappy INTRECO experience wherein I studied for a whole freakin day(even more) only to realize that the test was only 50 items long and everything was in multiple choice? Oh and for the record, I even borrowed notes, battled the rain and studied at my mom's office to find silence at that! If only effort was given credit then maybe my chances of passing wouldn't be so dismal.
Can I write about how I spent my last day of the term at school with my girl pals under the roofed trackers table while holding umbrellas and looking like fools because it was raining? Or our DVD hunting at Harrison earlier that day?
Or maybe I could write about having watched Windstruck at last but being disappointed by the fact that I didn't cry while watching it. I'm so0o not a crybaby. Grrr. But don't get me wrong, I was touched! Really I was.
A song about how Jave and I rescued a little fish that got trapped on the wrong side of their aquarium perhaps? Or how it was later on bullied by that one mean bigger fish? Or on why I was so amused by those fishies in the first place? hehe.
Oh oh! How about on how I was stupid enough to invent a name for Jojo's street? Mind you, it was said with all conviction too. Oriental instead of Continental, how dumb can I be? Even Jojo himelf almost believed me. haha
Maybe on how Maple and I spent the day looking for something fun to do and ending up at the internet shop to watch some videos on YouTube? We are such a bunch of losers! Hahaha...
I could maybe even write a song on how I suddenly became sad just a while ago for no specific reason at all. I got on my bed, thought some senseless thoughts then was shocked on how my eyes suddenly got teary. Then yep, I cried. But only a little, mind you! haha..
NAH! I guess none of those would work. Or maybe they can but I still don't have a clue just yet. Damn! Oh well, I guess I'll just finish these Filipi articles I'm editing first before I try to compose anything. ^_^

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The music of 6 Cycle Mind, Hale, Urbandub, Up Dharma Down, Itchyworms and The Dawn combined with the fabolous Manila Symphony Orchestra, surely results to a concoction of perfection!
Sa halagang 200 pesos, ano ba ang mapapala mo? Well kung kami ang tatanungin, madami!
After class, punta muna ng dorm ni Clarence tapos byaheng hanapan ng tickets na. Tapos balik kina Clarence pero bago yun, pitstop muna sa 7-11 at 10Q para bumili ng murang pagkain! Noodles at pansit canton ang natripan namin. Habang kumakain sa niluto ay pinanuod muna namin si Janna ng High School Musical na halos isuka naman niya sa galit at diri. hahaha. Tapos dumating si Cathy at ayun after eating, balik Folk Arts Theater na! Minsan lang talaga ako maging maaga for anything and now I remember why. Nakakatamad kasing maghintay kapag maaga ka. Nakakabwisit pa ang mga "scalpers" na yan. Ang kukulit! "extra ticket?" "may extra ticket ba kayo?" "may ticket na ba kayo?". . . Kung sino2x pa ang inaway namin dahil ang gulo gulo ng mga entrance. Sasagupain na sana namin si Guard Dugay eh. jowk!Kung saan2x ba naman kami tinutura at pinapapunta. hahaha.. Porket ba, mura lang yung nabili naming ticket, aalipustahin nyo na kami? Huhuhu... =P
Pero once we got in, natawa na lang kami kasi ang aga pala talaga namin. No sense pala ang pakikipag-away at pagiging excited. Pero wag ka. At least, sa lahat ng 200peso ticket holders, kami lang ang nakaupo sa monoblock chairs at dun pa sa may ledge na pwedeng patungan. Kung baga, nasa harap pa kami ng front row sa Blue Tickets Left Side. Not bad at all! Jana, i forgot the binoculars!hehehe.. So ayun. The show was great. And galing ng mga bands and the orchestra was flawless in their performance! I fell in love with Up Dharma Down and Urbandub ha. Grabe! Wala ako masabi kundi WOW! Sa Hale naman, at first ayoko na sa kanila kasi medyo nagsawa na ko sa kanila nd I knew that they weren't good in performing live. Pero it was very noticeable na Champ really improved ha. Congrats to him. The guys from the Itchyworms were super entertaining and funny while Jet Pangan really deserved my applause. 6cycle mind did ok din naman and i really like Ney. Pero my loudest cheers and applause went to Mr.Jon Santos a.k.a Madam Armida Sequion-Macareyna. He really made me laugh with his funny antics. Good music always makes me happy naman, so this show really boosted my low morale for the past few days. Some of the songs really seemed magical to me. Ganda!
Oh, I bought a shirt nga pala. Tska a pin for my brother. hahaha..
I was alone and tired. Halos 30 minutes na akong nakatayo sa may Roxas Blvd ay wala pa ring FX papuntang Las Piñas na may vacant. Tapos just when I was getting desperate and tired, a girl beside me suddenly asked if I was goin to Las Piñas. So here's a new found friend to keep me company. A young girl(younger than me) who also went to Rockestra2. Her name was Mayee. Baka nga she'll be in Comm Arts din sa DLSU-M if she gets lucky for her applications. At last may nasakyan din kaming Fx. pero the excitement doesn't end there. Inaway halos ng isang pasahero yung driver. Pano ba naman kasi, muntik na kamang bumangga sa sidewalk or wall ata. Grr.. Pero I tried to calm Manong kasi mukhang napikon talaga siya. NAku Naku! ngat ka Mayee! See you again.Scary talaga kasi minsan nafifil ko ngang bka ibunggo ni manong driver ang fx pag napikon siya. Scary talaga!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006
brace yourself

All hell has broken loose my friends!

Finals na!!!


Ika ng ani Clarence, "bawal huminga" . . .

Papers. . . . . Magazine . . . . Exams. . . . . at syempre,

ang pinakaaabangang I N T R E C O

isang malaking gudluck naman sa aming lahat.


eto na naman at may philper paper na due bukas.. 5 pages lang naman po. at so far, 2 pa lang ako. hahaha.. 3 to go!... plus, i have an exam first thing tomorrow morning and some magazine articles to edit pa! panalo to!

so why am i blogging right now? . . .

ahh alam ko na..

S T R E S S!

waaaah. help!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
My Library Adventure

Why do people go to the DLSU Library?
Is it a.) to study b.) to read c.) to do research
or is it...
d.) to sleep ???
Well, kung ako ang tatanungin, I would answer...

Because those are exactly what I did kanina.

Tried to catch up on Intreco and do some early(?) studying but after scanning a few books, my attention span slowly vanished and all I felt was my head getting heavier and my eyes closing gently. Wala na! I was under the spell that enveloped the Library 3rd Floor. I was sleepy!!! And who was I to withstand the magic? Malamig, tahimik, perfect! Kaya ayun.. Zzzzzz. . . . . off to dreamland I went. I woke up after a few minutes and then set my fone to alarm after some time. Then went back to sleep. Tapos bigla ba naman nag-ingay! hehehe.. Kahiya yun ah. Kaya ayun. Tumayo na ako and trabaho time na.

For the first time, napadpad ako dun sa Periodicals section to look for some articles, and man did I realize na di pala madali yun! Part 1, I had to search for the newspaper among the dozens of bookbinds dun na hindi nmn arranged by date. And for Part 2, which was the fun part, I had to look using the microfilms there. Yahu! This is where you use this age-old viewing machine to see the black and white microfilms of the newspapers. Huwaw! And I thought this only existed in movies or super old universities! Hahaha.. And the paper I read was made during the time nung ipapalabas pa lang ang Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone sa sinehan(Nov.2001). hahahaha.. asteg.

Kumpleto na ang college life ko dahil dun! Joke. Hehehe..

I love the library! (yikes. nerd? di ah.. haha)

Sunday, August 13, 2006
happy birthday keren!


* im soOoo afraid of what will happen to me in INTRECO. Lord please HELP me!!
* lucky me sa bioarts practical exam. i only had to do, the FBO(foreign body obstruction) for an adult and an infant. peace of cake!hahaha.. kaya kung ma-choke if ever(wag nmn sana) just call me, if u can dahil alam ko n ang gagawin! rarrr!
* our philper reporting finally pushed thru and went pretty well if i might say. kahit mga one hour ago ko lng nabasa tlga yung topic.hihi..
* the cao awards was fun. ang kulit ng costumes ng mga tao to go with the theme of "highschool". may mga nagcross-dress, may mga mala-britney spears ang dating, may mga mukhang totoy at nene, may girlscout at boyscout, may mukhang transferee students, at complete with school administrators pa! san ka pa diba? luv u GMG!
* im sorry for the white lie i said to u knw hu. clarence u knw what i mean. hihi..
* the topic of the philo talk i went to was SOoO fun! it was about NARUTO! ang kulit. now, i really want to watch it na. as in seryosong watch ha!
* gift hunting for keren, sa harrison plaza with ate kizia. ang ganda nung pagkaka-gift wrap ha. thanks to kuya culry tops! hahaha..
* to janna: my experiment worked! hahahaha. . . .
* hosted keren's "surprise" bdash. surprise nga ba? arrg. haha.
* bago umuwi, nakanta ko tong line na to sa magic sing..
"i've always been in love with you... i guess you've always known it's true..."
yun lang. ah ehh.. hmmmm.

happy birthday lablab!.. mahal kita my dear sister! yihee. ^_^

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
this kid's tired!

iv been having one of the worst series of sleepless nights in my life. i hav been so busy doing so much stuff lately that i just can't even find enough time to sleep. waaaah. no wonder, i never got to grow much.. haha.. =P

anyways.. kwentuhan muna tayo! maraming naganap last week, di ko na nga alam kng saan magsisimula.

warning: mahaba to! r u reydii?

REMIX 06 day

the day everybody waited for finally came. clarence, toni, majoy, kevin, ale and all of the other fantastic(uuuy!) performers of Backstage finally set off for the stage. this event was more than a dance contest to them, it's a time to show that GMG can also perform to the highest level. represent!haha.. anyways. dahil late na ko nakauwi the night before, at late na din ako natulog, malamang late na din ako nagising, at mas malamang LATE n naman ako for class.. what's new? huhuhu. skipped my lab class na kasi andami ko ding tinapos nung umagang yun. (paper at exam) grabe.. then during filipi class, joey(my co-host) txtd me that i was needed for the tech run, kaya aun. cut na din ng filipi! mabait nmn si sir eh at nagpaalam nmn ako ng maayos. hihi.. wala ng lunch for me that day. class kasi tapos tech run tapos bihis, tapos show na!.. whew. salamat na lang sa hopia na pinagsaluhan namin ni maple sa bus on the way to school dahil yun na ang huling nakain ko that day hanggang til after remix na(eh mga 1100 pa yun eh, kmusta nmn, haha). anywayssss.. ayun! the show was super fun! the audience was so energetic and responsive kaya masaya mag-host. though anlaki din ng problema ko nun on what to wear. thank u tlga kay ate jad, nikkibau at clrnce sa mga cabinet ng damit at support na dinala nyo for me. =D man, naisip ko tuloy, dapat na ba kong maging super vain from now on para sa mga panahong gaya nito? oh, and i even got to have my hair in that mala-manok kinda way. ung may mataas na part sa gitna na parang girl version ng mohawk. bwahahaha.. nareveal tuloy ang malaki kong noo! at finally nasuot ko na rin ang "street shoes" ko na galing from the ukay republic of Baguio! pinagmamalaki kong 100 pesos ko lang siya nabili. hahahahaha... asteg. i felt like sasayaw din ako that nyt! =P asa naman! hahahahaha... andaming nagyaya ng gimik that night pero i was exhausted already! so i decided to go home na lang after eating with martin, jojo, elaine, jill, sara, par, and reg. ayyy! nga pala. MARTIN! at last nagkita din tayo ulit! i missed u dudung! hahaha.. di n nga din pla ako nkapunta sa bdash ni amitots. huhu.. suri suri! luv u amiams! hehe. =P

scary SUKOB day

nakakapagod na ang Church service ah! andaming pinapagawa sa poster na yan. grabe. at first i was enjoying pa pero ngayon super hassle na! grrrr... andaming kailangang busisiin at iedit. eh ang powers ko pa nmn sa adobe photoshop ay pang musmos pa lang at making a poster was my first real test of skill. waaaaaah. suri lang po! buti na lang jp is there to help! yeay. so there. we went to kuya mark's house to giv him Lar's flash disc(teynkyu lars!) at tapos umalis agad since tulog dw xa. then we went to Alabang Town Center to watch Sukob! yahu! i really wanted to watch this movie eh. =P mganda yung movie, masaya matakot! hahaha... even Jp was cowering behind his popcorn! sikret lng yun! hahaha.. pero may spooky experience ako sa CR dun sa may foodcourt! pero di ko na ikkwento para naman mabitin kayo! hahaha.. basta, tatlo lang kaming nandon sa CR pero bakit parang hinde? hihihihihi... ayos! and i wasn't making things up ah! pinakita ko pa kay Jp yung witness ko. so ayun, habang pauwi wala na xang ibang ginawa kundi takutin ako. creepy pa nmn dun sa bus at umuulan pa! naku naku! pero hindi pa rin natapos ang usapang poster mga kaibigan! hindi pa xa natapos dito dahil may changes n nmn! huhuhuhu....

sorry JIMSEAN!

may tumawag sa bhay.. nagulat ako. si jave? anu daw ginagawa ko. aalis dw ba ko that day? sabi ko hindi nmn. bket? sabi nya, wala lang. baka lng gusto mo pmunta. sabi ko, huh?? saan?? bakit?? tas di siya kumibo.. then it hit me!!!!!! dali-dali akong tumingin sa kalendaryo sabay sabing, SHET! August 6 na ba ngayon??????? o0h maaay gosh! di ko pa masabi saknya agad pero ayun... Happy Birthday Jave! holy kamote, i forgot! di ako makapaniwala sa sarili ko na nakalimutan ko yun. i mean, alam ko namang aug.6 ang bday nya, pero di ko alam n aug.6 na pla that day! hehehe.. nawindang n kc utak ko msyado. suri! oh diba siya pa ng tumawag saken.. hehehe... mali. so ayun. went to their house and on the way, i was thinking of what to give na medyo kakaiba naman. hmm.. tapos ayun! hahaha.. bumili ako ng rose! kasi diba 18 nmn xa, therefore debut n nya! kaya kelangan ng 18 roses, though isa lng ako. hehehe.. =P then dumating din sina ate jules, mark lugtu at kana(cuutiieeee)! kain,tas went to church, tas sumingit n nmn ang usapang poster dito.. met up with kuya mark kasi for the changes n nmn. tas balik kmi kna jave. videoke galore kami dun. tas naisipan naming tumugtog sa studio! yehey. ang saya saya mag-jamming. happy birthday jave! suri suri. =D

busYness attire

naka-formal ako kahapon ah! kasi kuya matyu had this thingie he wanted me to see and learn about. ayun! pero i don't think it's for me eh. di ko pa kakayanin ang added stuff since ngayon pa nga lng ay windang windang nako! hihihi. thinking about life makes u all looney minsan. oh well... pero earlier that day, kinailangan ko pang dumaan sa haws nila kuya mark AGAIN para ibigay yung edited poster, tas haaay. i thought that was the end of it, pero di pa pala. may mali pa rin! damn! nakakapagod na ah. well anyway.. late n ako nkauwi bcoz of the business stuff n pinuntahan namen together with keren, wilfred, matyu and surprisingly, darren and kristine. ayun. pagod. . . so i wasnt able to study much on that dreaded intreco exam for the next day.


the tiredness is getting to me. im not a machine.. i get tired too. i need sleep! damn it. and PLEASE don't get me started with that INTRECO exam or else I'll explode!!!!!!! grrrrrr. . . . . . . let's just say that if i just slept through the test, it wouldn't make any difference anyway. shet! then may exam din pala for artcomp which was brain-wracking! potah. ayoko na. im stressed out already. i hv a meeting to attend myang 6pm then bukas pa i hav a report for relstwo, tas stuff to submit on thursday. then there's MORE exams and more reports and God knows kung anu ano pa! waaaaaaah.... i need sleep! muntik n nga ako makatulog sa bioarts knina eh. kung di pa ko tinusok ni Dr.Go na payong nyang green na terno sa shirt nya! hahaha..
H E L P !

Zzzzzzzzz. . . . . . . .

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
closing time!

Divisoria, Divisoria, Divisoria!

When you combine three naughty, playful, hperactive and talkative bargain-seeking girls, you get one hell of a riot. Then, put them in the most well-known place to find everything at the cheapest prices and you have something only an inch short of world domination!

Amy, Maple and I went to Divisoria.
alas kwatro ng hapon nang sa DLSU ay lumisan
KFC sa Padre Faura ang unang pinuntahan
si Amy at Maple doo'y kikitain
pagkat Divisoria ay aming tutunguhin
sumakay sa jeepney at nagkwentuhan
bago makarating sa paroroonan
hawakan si amy nang hindi mawala
baka maligaw ang munting bata
libot dito at libot dyan
inisa-isa namin ang bawat tindahan
bumili ng mga damit at mga bling bling
binili ang mga matagal nang hiling
konting bilis lang, sila'y magsasara
baka kayo'y di na makalabas pa
mamang gwardiya'y medyo bingi
hindi man lamang naghintay ng sandali
tatlong bata ay napuno ng halakhak
inakala pa ng ilan, lungo sa alak
ayaw papigil, ayaw paawat
isang maikling hapon ay hindi sapat
nangakong babalik isang araw
dahil ngayon, wasted na at sabaw
ngunit di pa rin naubos ang saya
sa bus na sinakyan may kaligayahan pa
magsing-irog na masarap panuorin
ang pumukaw sa atensyon namin
di sinasadya pero sila'y nakikita
mistulang may mga milagrong ginagawa
ang saya saya, ang kulit kulit
tinalo pa mga batang paslit
bahala na ang dumi, takot at putik
sa Divisoria kami pa rin ay babalik
*pramis. mukha na kaming mattrap sa loob ng 168! hehehe.. pero wala pa ring aawat. tingin pa rin dito at doon. pero scary na talaga dahil mukhang mattrap n kmi sa loob. hihi. napakanta na lang ako ng "Closing time. . ."