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Tuesday, December 08, 2009
On Hope and Love

My cousin got married last Sunday. She's actually one of the two cousins whom I consider the closest to me. The ceremony was held at Calaruega Chapel in Nasugbu, Batangas while the reception took place at Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay. Everything fell into place, it could be because of my cousin's Hitler-like discipline, one-year-ahead-planning or according to her bridesmaid, "Bridezilla"-ness OR it could simply be because of the undeniable and honest to goodness love that the couple had for each other. I say both.

As Ate Vida marched down the aisle, tears rolled down her face. She was obviously feeling a heap of emotions on this very memorable day. I looked back at the groom Joel and you can read his face quite clearly, "Oh my God, I'm marrying the perfect person, the love of my life. I couldn't be any happier. Is this true?" They always said that weddings are real tear-jerkers but based on the two that I've attended previously, I almost begged to differ. But after seeing this one, man, I could only imagine how I would feel like if I were in those shoes. The bride continued walking to the altar and not a pair of eyes were dry. Everybody was either holding back their tears, or trying to hold back the runny mascara and eyeliner (haha). The crowd settled down and the ceremony went on but as they reached the point when each said their vows, oh man, hello tears once again. Their confessions of love were so true, so sincere and so moving. It makes a girl dream about that special someone, a person out there somewhere who would profess their devotion with unwavering sincerity and passion. Ah, that would be bliss! To tell another your love and in return be assured that you are equally or even more loved as well. . .

What my cousin's bridesmaid said was correct, moments like this give us hope. This couple is proof that true love does exist. Love is indeed possible and two people can certainly be right for each other. :)

PS: There's another aspect to this affair, the one about my dad's family, reuniting in some way, but that's not for this post. Let us simply bask in the mush and gooeyness of this cheesy scribble. :))