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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
swimming sa constantine

for me and you.

Gusto kong magswimming! -- That's what I have been raving about since last summer pa. Sad nga lang kasi I never got to indulge in "fun under the sun". Kaya naman when Jave told me about a swimming party, my world paused for a second. Haha! Gusto ko magswimming! Even if it meant having to make my face ten or even a hundred times thicker, I still want to. Even if it meant, throwing away my plans for the next day, I still want to! Walang makakapigil sakin! harharhar. :P

SO yep! I ended up going. haha. There I went to the realm known as "Village of the King". I met everybody I was afraid of. Faces whom I thought would pierce me with their stares and questions. But NOO. It actually turned out to be fun. I especially loved the kids. ^_^ Actually it was a fun fun day! A roller coaster ride if you will. From morning til night, I had fun.

Never mind the awkward questions and evasive answers, let's just live the moment. How will we enjoy life if we don't? Basta. We really enjoy each other's company.

Oops. Let's not forget the little road trip. hahahaha. . . .

thank you.


Thursday, July 19, 2007
random blabbing

Life is very interesting. Everyday, a whole bunch of things happen to us and if you are able to retell them, wonderful stories come out. Sometimes, the stories are meaningful. Sometimes they are sad. At times, they can be action-packed. But in my case, they are usually funny. ^_^


* It was around 9 in the morning and it was time I took a bath or else I would be late. I entered the bathroom and . . . (some scenes were deleted due to the mtrcb. haha.) anyway. . . I picked up my ever-reliable tabo and poured water on myself. I felt the cold water and maybe because of my OA-ness or high spirits for the day, I winced and kinda jumped. Then WHAM! I slipped, turned over and fell. Shet! I scratched my knee on a step and I saw a piece of skin scraped. Ouch! Oh, and I also felt the beginnings of a few bruises which were bound to appear soon. Anyway... So I went ahead and continued with my bath. I decided that to lessen the bleeding from my knee, I had to lessen its movement. I mean, di ko siya dapat igalaw masyado. So pinatong ko siya sa toilet seat and I proceeded with shampooing. Syempre I closed my eyes para di malagyan ng shampoo. Tapos, I felt something moving sa paa ko. Shet! I looked down and there I saw it. IPIS!!! Waaaaaaah. Muntik na kong mapatalon ulit. At dahil diyan, hindi na ko maliligo ulit. haha. JOKE! :P

to be continued . . .

Monday, July 09, 2007



I long of going to dreamland
for I fear I'll soon be mad.
I long for a life I don't have
A place where I'll be glad.

. . .

Sometimes I get so dizzy
from a long stupid bus journey.
Still lots of work to frenzy
but I fall down coz I'm sleepy.

. . .

You and I, each a slipper
Useless without the other
Happy when we are together
Slipper, let's travel yonder

Aytengkyu. Baw. :P

Monday, July 02, 2007
help me pray.

Dear God,

Please make our puppy better. Sana gumaling na siya. Sana maging masigla na siya ulit at makulit. Sana din po pala, kumain na siya ng tama at di na magsuka afterwards. Sana po umubra yung mga medicine niya. Ayaw po namin mamatay si Nikki. :'(

~ Yanyan