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Saturday, March 22, 2008
destiny issues

it's amazing at how you were able to look at the bigger picture.

it made me think.

is fate really on our side?

hmmm.. sorta i guess.

but i don't want you to go filling your head with air. don't let your head get too big or i might just burst it with a needle. hahaha.

pero still... now that you've pointed out the succession of events.. napaisip ako ah.

good observations, chap!

hahaha.. un lng nmn.


Friday, March 07, 2008
idiots, losers and liers. (im not referring to you dear reader)

yeah go ahead. i'm putting my blog public again. i put it to rest for a few days, pero what's the point. i want to rant out my feelings once in a while, so might as well have an audience.

ok so here's my blog for today...

why couldn't i just keep my mouth shut? Punyeta talaga. grrrr.

anyway, i hate this. i hate this. I HATE ALL OF THIS.


*"this" being a term for a topic that i don't want to clearly discuss.

shet. the alcohol didn't work on me at all!


Monday, March 03, 2008

here goes.....



un lang.


Saturday, March 01, 2008
here comes more randomness!

wirdong bata.

sometimes you think too much.
sometimes, you act as if you didn't use your head.

sometimes i think im such a genius
at times i think that im an idiot. bwahahahaha.

sometimes, things go on as planned and they go far better than expected.
minsan, they just blow up in your face. kabooom!


i couldn't have imagined a better picture of us while that scene was playing.

the music was to die for...
kill me now! hahaha.


bad kid!