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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
wangoballwime ?

breathe and stop.

when life seems to go too fast, when things drag you along with the speed,

don't forget to breathe and stop.

take a minute's break.

seek solace in those which give you comfort.

a familiar friend's voice, a comfortable silence, a happy thought.


pag may kaaway ka naman, sapakin mo para tumba agad! haha.


sinong makulit? ako. hihi.


me is a fickle lil girl. tsk tsk.


me is forgetful.


me is makulit! :P


sup dobby! have you gotten a sock yet? hahaha. (inside joke to myself)


reading a book you love is so much fun. :P

Sunday, June 17, 2007
gawad kalinga

yesterday we went to Gawad Kalinga - Baseco. let me tell you, before you get there, you will see he filth of manila at its finest. you'll see the Pasig river and all the trash that floats in it. you'll see houses on stilts, settled over the sea of dirt and trash. you'll smell the aroma of whatever rotten things there are over there. you'll see thousands of make-shift houses. you'll see the poverty of the philippines. and then, after some time, we saw a strange sight. we saw a small village of colorful houses. and i do mean colorful. we saw little pink, green and blue houses. but instead of the usual wood and other stuff the make-shift houses were made of, these ones were made of cement, of blocks. they were REAL houses. asteg! a small patch of hope amidst the rotten reality...

pero alam niyo ba, as noble and as amazing as Gawad Kalinga may be, sobrang laki pa din ng problema ng Pilipinas. pramis. although there are a few people who want to help others, andami pa ding wlang pakielam eh. kung lahat b nmn ng may-kaya eh tumulong edi sana, madami ng matitinong bahay ang naipatayo.. tsk tsk..

segway! so... kami sa relstri class namin ay tutulong dun. tutulong kmi by painting some of the many houses na wala pang paint. we'll be sending out letters soon para makahanap ng people to help us buy the paint and supplies. pag may alam kayong gustong tumulong, contact me ha? :)

malaki ang problema pero kung tutulong ka, baka lumiit kahit onti. ^_^ if only you could see the kids, happily playing there. you'd want to make a better home for them too.

nax! ;P

Monday, June 04, 2007
heffi me

" Walang mabigat na problema kung mga kaibiga'y kasama. "
The past few days have been one of the best in my life. Well, i really enjoy spending time with my friends. I love 'em all. :)
Try ok nga ilista ang mga nakabonding ko lately... (old and new faces) hmm...
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thank u friends. u may not know it, pero u really help make life happier. nax! ;)
btw, last june 2, i saw a rainbow. saya saya ko! binigyan pa ko ni mama ng watch. ayihee.. nahiya nmn ako at natouch at the same time. i haven't been a gud girl lately msyado. hehe. pero ayun. sori na po. hehe. binili ko nlng xa ng french fries kanina. haha. labo! *shet naiiyak ako* hehehe. labyu mama! :P
june 3 nmn was a funny funny day for many different reasons. hahaha. ayun. 3 is three.
iwas muna tayo sa sadness.. nakakasawa na eh. hehe. :P wag na lang ako malalate for class at ok na cguro. hahaha.